My name is Mikel Aramendia and I'm from Pamplona, Spain.

This tumblr is a collection of things i pay attention at.

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Some things i liked.

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. by Shane Lynam on Flickr..
Wagga Wagga burn by Wouter Van de Voorde on Flickr.Wagga Wagga burn
The last days. by wojszyca on Flickr.The last days.
sin título by Ade. on Flickr.
Syria Road Trip by Cees Willems on Flickr.Syria Road Trip
Helvetia Concrete by iconicturn on Flickr.Helvetia Concrete
Suzhou Highway by T.RESSY on Flickr.Suzhou Highway
sin título by Mr_ina on Flickr.

Nochten Boulder Park
Freya Najade
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